Old and New House Numbers 
Detroit City Street Conversion — 1921

Tabella miast, wsi, osad Królestwa Polskiego, z wyrażeniem ich położenia i ludności, alfabetycznie ułożona w Biórze Kommissyi Rządowéy Spraw Wewnętrznych i Policyi 
Alphabetical List of Towns, Villages, and Settlements of the Polish Kingdom in 1827
This gazetteer allows researchers to identify the record office and parish assigned to their ancestral village in the Russian partition.
Volume 1 – TOM_I_1827   A – Ł (searchable pdf download)
Volume 2 – TOM_II_1827 M – Ż (djvu)
Volume 2 – TOM _II_1827 M – Ż (Alternate viewing) (searchable pdf download)

Skorowidz Królestwa Polskiego
Alphabetical List of Towns, Villages, and Settlements of the Polish Kingdom in 1877

This gazetteer allows researchers to identify the record office and parish assigned to their ancestral village in the Russian partition.
Volume 1 – TOM_I_1877 Abram młyn – Nykiel (searchable djvu)
Volume 2  –  TOM_II_1877 Obałki – Życzyn w i fol. (searchable djvu)

Brevis descriptio historico-geographica ecclesiarum archidioecesis Gnesnensis et Posnaniensis ad ordinem decanatuum digestarum…
This list provides the location of churches of the archdioceses of Gniezno and Poznań in 1888 and serves as the basis for villages in the Poznan Project.
Catholic Churches in Poznań & Gniezno in 1888 (searchable pdf)

Wykaz Parafii w Polsce 2006
Catholic Churches in Poland in 2006 (searchable pdf)

View all the town names in Eastern European Galicia as they existed in 1900. The list will include the judicial and administrative districts of each town; and the location of the Jewish, Roman Catholic, and Greek Catholic congregations or parishes for that time period.
Galician Town Locator

Galician Gazetteer (Polish and Ukrainian spellings)

Hungary — Dvorzsák Gazetteer 
This 1877 gazetteer, commonly known as the Dvorzsák Gazetteer, refers to it’s editor, János Dvorzsák. It contains the number of congregants by religion per village, an indication where the main parish was located, and summary counts of congregants by county and district. It also indicates affiliated churches. The Gazetteer is organized by county, district, and village. 


Italy — Nuovo dizionario dei comuni e frazioni di comuni con le circonscrizioni amministrative
Italian Gazetteer (based on the 1961 census)

Komisja Standaryzacji Nazw Geograficznycg poza Granicami Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej
Commission on Standardization of Geographical Names Outside the Republic of Poland.
Gazetteer of Poland – 2015

Shtetl Seeker
The JewishGen Gazetteer contains the names of one million localities in 54 countries in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia.
JewishGen Gazetteer — Shtetl Seeker

Welcome to the most comprehensive database of its kind in the world. It contains 99,380 locations with over 45,115 name changes once, and 5,500 twice and more. All locations are east of the Oder and Neisse rivers and are based on the borders of the eastern provinces in Spring, 1918. Included in this database are the following provinces: Eastprussia, including Memel, Westprussia, Brandenburg, Posen, Pomerania, and Silesia. It currently list most towns or points, points being: Mills, some bridges, battlefields, named trees, cenotaphs etc.

Kresy Gazetteer 
Database of 54,812 places from voivodeships:

  • Białostockie
  • Lwowskie,
  • Nowogródzkie,
  • Poleskie,
  • Stanisławowskie,
  • Tarnopolskie,
  • Wileńskie,
  • Wołyńskie,
  • partly Krakowskie and Lubelskie

with assignments to gminas and counties. Places are assigned also to Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic parishes. All shown assignments are based on 30th years of 20th century before administrative reform in 1938. Database also contains list of church books contained in record group 618/2 from Central Historical Ukrainian State Archive in Lwow with number of microfilms in FamilySearch Library. About 91 percent of places are located on a map made from scans of maps printed before WWII by Military Institute of Geography.
Eastern Borderland Places

Lithuanian Gazetteer – 1939
The information in this database was compiled from the “Gazetteer to the Map of Lithuania” produced by Professor Antanas Salys, Ph. D. of the University of Philadelphia. The information from this gazetteer was based on the independent Republic of Lithuania as of 1939, before the annexation of Klaipėda territory by Nazi Germany on the eve of World War II and the Soviet invasion of June 1940. The information in this database also includes the Polish occupied Vilnius region (1920-1939).

Lithuanian Gazetteer – 1939

Lithuania – Vilnius – Brasław Dekanat – 1784
Catholic Churches in the Diocese of Vilnius in 1784 – Brasław Deanery

Meyers Orts- und Verkehrs-Lexikon des Deutschen Reichs (published 1912-1913)
This gazetteer lists every place name in the German Empire (1871-1918) providing the state and other jurisdictions where the civil registry office was located; and parishes if that town had any. 
Meyers Gazetteer of the German Empire

Genealogische Orts-Verzeichnis (GOV)
The Historic Gazetteer

Global Gazetteer Series
This series contains links to current gazetteers that include Austria, Belarus, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine. Information that can be found for each city within a country would include the region, longitude and latitude, elevation, and estimated population.
Global Gazetteers

Geographical Dictionary of the Polish Kingdom (1880-1902)
The Słownik is a valuable source for geographical, historical, biographical, demographic, and economic information for the Polish Kingdom during the late 19th century.
Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego

Skorowidz Miejscowości Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej (circa 1931)
This is a Geographical Dictionary of Villages in the Polish Kingdom and can prove tremendously useful in determining the home parish for a village. (djvu)

Müllers Verzeichnis der jenseits der Oder-Neiße gelegenen, unter fremder Verwaltung stehenden Ortschaften – 1958
Gazetteer of German place name changes after the second world war for places now located in Poland and Russia.

Spis miejscowości Polskiej Rzeczypospolitej Ludowej – 1968
Polish gazetteer for 1968.

Gemeindelexikon der im Reichsrate vertretenen Königreiche und Länder : bearbeitet auf Grund der Ergebnisse der Volkszählung vom 31. Dezember 1900
Gazetteers of each of the States of the Austrian Empire.

SGGEE Volhynian Gazetteer
Volhynia/Wołyń Location Gazetteer (searchable pdf)

Villages in Poland