Bureau of Land Management — U.S. Land Grants
Cadastral Maps (Inventory of Cadastral Maps and Landowner Records held in the Rzeszów State Archive)
Counties of Lithuania — Map
David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Detroit City Map c. 1891
Detroit West; Detroit East c. 1966
Detroit City Street Conversion — 1921 (Old and New House Numbers)
Detroit Diocese Deanery Map
Die Gemeinden der Evangelisch-Augsburgische Kirche in Polen am 1.9.1939 (page 333)
East Prussia
FEEFHS Map Library
Galician Map
German Empire — 1871-1918
German Empire — 1871
Gesher Galicia Map Room
General Land Office (GLO) Plat Maps
Grodno Governorate — c. 1834
Historical Maps of Germany
Interactive Modern Map of Poland
Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania — c. 1799
Library of Congress — Map Collection
Lithuania — 1931-1938
Lithuania — Counties of Lithuania
Lithuania — Major Cities
Lithuanian Places in other languages
Lithuanian Political Map — c. 2010
Locate My Name
Map Archive of Wojskowy Instytut Geograficzny — 1919-1939
Map of Poland with Plans of Cities (
Mapire – The Historical Map Portal
Meyers Gazetteer of the German Empire (Map)
Michigan Related Maps — Library of Michigan Collection
Military Mapping Survey of Austria-Hungary c. 1910
Oder–Neisse line
Old Maps of Poland and Central Europe
Optional Map Selections
Partitions of Poland (1772, 1793, and 1795)
Poland’s Roman Catholic Diocese
Poland’s Territorial Changes from 1635-2009
Ravenstein — The Atlas des Deutschen Reichs by Ludwig Ravenstein
Roman Catholic Parishes and Member Villages in Eastern Galicia
Rural Property Inventories — Library of Michigan Collection
Sanborn Maps
Surname Map of Modern Germany
Surname Map of Modern Poland
Virtuelles Kartenforum 2.0  — Georeference to Historic Maps
West Prussia
West Prussia Land Records —1772-1773